Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Three Recycle if I'm not on Three?

Yes! Anyone on an Irish network can recycle their old phones and gadgets using Three Recycle.

What are the environmental benefits of recycling?

When devices are thrown away they end up in landfill sites.

When they're sent to a landfill they don’t breakdown or biodegrade and might pollute the surrounding soil or waterways, damaging plants and wildlife.

Three Recycle makes sure that every device is 100% recycled and we don't use landfills.

I live in the UK - Can I still participate?

No, Three Recycle can only be used by residents of the Republic of Ireland at this time.

When will I get paid?

Once we receive your phone we will check that everything is ok. We will then organise your payment within five working days. You'll be paid by cheque or bank transfer, depending on what you choose.

My device isn't on the list. What can I do with it?

If your device isn't listed then unfortunately you can't recycle it with Three Recycle.

How do I find out the manufacturer and model details?

If it's a phone, take the back cover off and look under the battery. The details are usually written on a sticker. You could also check the manufacturer's website.

How much is my gadget worth?

Search for your device on the right hand side or use the dropdown menus to see how much it's worth.

If you're not sure of your phone's make or model take the cover off and look under the battery. The details are usually on a sticker there.

How do I send in my order?

Sending in your order to Three Recycle is free. You can either print off a Freepost label and use your own packaging or request a free postage pack. Instructions on packaging your items will be provided.

How do I know if my gadget is in 'working order'?

As long as your gadget can be switched on and off, the screen isn't damaged and it hasn't been damaged by water then you're good to go.

We may reduce the price we'll pay for your gadget if it is damaged. Check our Terms and Conditions for information on the different levels of damage.

What happens to my gadget once I have sent it in?

If your gadget is in good working order it’ll be tidied up before being sold on at a reduced price. The gadgets are mainly sold in developing countries.

Things that can’t be repaired are sent to be "end of life" recycled.

The precious metals and other components that can be reused are extracted and any remaining materials are smelted for energy recovery.

Three is committed to comply with the WEEE directive. Where possible Three will ensure the reuse of old mobiles. If this isn’t possible, we’ll make sure they’re 100% recycled.

Why is my item showing as blocked/CheckMEND failed?

We check every item we get with CheckMEND, an industry database containing details of items reported as lost / stolen / blocked.

Unfortunately if your handset has failed this check which means it’s currently marked as blocked or subject to a lost or stolen investigation.

We are unable to return or pay for items which have failed CheckMEND.

If you believe this may be an error on Checkmend’s behalf please contact CheckMEND ( ) quoting your report ID number. If you are able to resolve this block please contact us at quoting this reference and we will continue with your recycle order.

We will hold your item(s) for 28 days to give you the opportunity to resolve this matter after which the handset(s) will be recycled responsibly.