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Recycle your phone. For Cash

Recycle your old gadgets online with Three. And make some money. Send us your old mobile phone, satnav, mp3 player or digital camera and we'll pay money into your bank account. We can recycle phones from any network, so you don't have to be a Three customer.

Top Recycled Gadgets

  • Apple iPhone 4S 16GB
    Get €70.94Sell now
  • HTC One X Plus
    Get €43.12Sell now
  • Apple iPhone 5S 32GB
    Get €267.07Sell now
  • Apple iPhone 4 16GB
    Get €51.47Sell now
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
    Get €97.37Sell now
  • Nokia N95 8Gb
    Get €1.39Sell now
  • Blackberry Q10
    Get €72.33Sell now
  • Blackberry Bold Touch 9900
    Get €29.21Sell now
  • Apple iPhone 4 16GB
    Get €51.47Sell now

How it works

 1. Find your Gadget

Search for your phone, camera, iPod or sat nav in the menu on the right. Remember, anyone on any network can use Three Recycle.

 2. Place your order

Then add your item(s) to your basket. And go to the checkout to place your order.

 3. Get everything ready

Delete any personal data from your device*. Remove your sim or memory card. Please charge your phone fully before you send it to us. To ensure you get the best price for your item(s) read our t&cs to check you have included everything and understand our testing table. (If you send us any sim or memory cards by mistake, we can’t send them back. We’ll destroy them.) *See our full terms and conditions (.pdf).

 4. Send it to us

Put it in an envelope with your order summary and post it to us for free. For high value items we recommend sending by registered post.

 5. Get paid

Once we process your items we’ll pay the money into your account or send you a cheque within 5 working days. And we’ll carefully reuse or recycle your mobile phone, camera or sat nav.

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